Misplaced faith in the power of Bud Light



As we speak, the president, the professor and cop are meeting for a beer at the White House. While I’ve taken some pleasure in poking fun at the president’s drinking choices, Obama’s faith in the power of Bud Light is simply fantastic.

First, the White House spin that sitting down with a cold Bud Light is real drinking is hilarious. Even the press corps laughs at it.

I wish the video showed Wendell Goller’s face — his reaction was classic (like saying, “Are you kidding me? Budweiser?”).

Q: Okay. And another subject, Officer Crowley is drinking Blue Moon, we hear Professor Gates is drinking Red Stripe or Becks — what’s the President drinking?

MR. GIBBS: The President had a Budweiser at the All-Star Game, so — why are you looking at me like that? That’s what he drank.

Q: We’re talking Blue Moon, Red Stripe, Becks —

MR. GIBBS: What’s wrong with Budweiser? Why do you hate Budweiser? (Laughter.)

Q: Well, he could get —

MR. GIBBS: Why do you hate Budweiser, Wendell? (Laughter.) Wendell, how about this — how about you and I, we’ll go pick out the beer, we’ll do the beer run. Uh-oh, hold, please. (Laughter.)

Q: I’m happy to do that.

MR. GIBBS: The mortgage services meeting is tomorrow. Apparently this has nothing to do — (laughter) — unclear whether beer will be served at that meeting and what it will be. (Laughter.) So we’ll go on the beer run together and pick it up in anticipation of the meeting.

Q: Pretzel or chips?

MR. GIBBS: Say again?

Q: Pretzel or chips?

MR. GIBBS: We’re just going to go straight beer. No sense in diluting it.

Look, there’s some serious drinking going on here. No sense in diluting Bud Light with pretzels or chips.

We should be thankful the president didn’t invite the two over for sparkling wine. But really, Bud Light is amateur hour, folks. It conjures up memories of frat parties filled with idiots who just turned 21 walking around with underwear on their heads with red, keg cups in their hands.

Touting the president’s preference for Bud Light (which isn’t even American, anymore) doesn’t add to his cool factor. Much has been made in the past about “which candidate you would rather have a drink with” and how it affects voting patterns. Knowing the president would be drinking a weak-ass beer and then lecture me for “acting stupidly” while drinking it makes me want to campaign against him (but I would do that anyway).

I seriously doubt the president’s Bud Light session will absolve him of calling a cop a racist without knowing the facts. We’ve all said and done things we shouldn’t have. Personally, I’ve resolved a few conflicts over drinks — but on those occasions where I’ve seriously offended someone (usually while drinking, too), it’s taken more than watered-down piss water to work it out. Shots of Patron generally are involved, perhaps some Jameson and either mixed drinks or, you know, real beer.

But Bud Light? Not likely. On its own, Bud Light isn’t going to get you to that “I love you, man” moment.

But perhaps the president just wants to keep a clear head. We all know how horribly he performs when not reading his teleprompter. Those words get even more difficult to see when you’re wearing beer goggles.

For some more fun, here’s Fred!’s take:

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And as an exit question: Will the president make Professor Gates and Officer Crowley pick up the tab?


It gets even worse (or better). Vice President Biden joined the three, and he drank non-alcoholic beer! What, no drunken gaffes?!

Actually, Biden doesn’t drink. Last September he cited too much alcoholism in his family as the reason. So we can’t bash him too much.

And for those who asked what I think the president should be drinking — there’s plenty of brews to pick from a great domestic brand that was named No. 1 on the list of “the most popular and highest-rated brewers — ever.

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