First mom jeans, now this: Our president drinks like a housewife, too!

obamadrinkNot only does Barack Obama proudly wear mom jeans, he drinks like a suburban housewife, too!

Politico reports that when the president is out boozing it up, he prefers maritinis, margaritas and sparkling wine.

But rather than sticking to one signature drink, Obama’s choices are varied: beer, wine, martinis, sparkling wine, margaritas.

On a date night with the first lady in New York at Blue Hill, a West Village eatery, Obama opted for a wine that accompanied the five-course tasting menu, while Michelle sipped on two martinis.

On a night out in May at the D.C. restaurant Citronelle, the first couple turned down the restaurant’s famous and seemingly endless list of fine wines and instead ordered matching martinis, straight up. “And they didn’t even finish them,” manager Jean-Jacques Retourne recalls. “They drank mineral water all night and then ordered coffee.”

I’ve already said it’s lame that, according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the president likes Budweiser (yuck), but really? Appletinis, fruity margaritas and sparkling wine?

This is, as with the Budweiser, a weak-ass set of drinking preferences. No whiskey? I’d even give him a pass if he liked Gentleman Jack.

By the way, on the mom jeans, the president said he’s “frumpy” and that they’re “comfortable.” He said he wouldn’t look good in skinny jeans.

Well, he certainly drinks like he wears skinny jeans and guy-liner.

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