FedEx comes out swinging against bailouts, unions

Wow. More companies being put at competitive disadvantage by the Democrats in Washington should follow FedEx’s lead.

According to the Wall Street Journal, language in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009 would make it easier for FedEx’s workers to unionize, which FedEx says would increase its costs by 30 percent.

UPS, FedEx’s main competitor, is a completely unionized shop (I was once hired there in college, but declined. I was explicitly told that promotions were based strictly on time served — not on merit — so I opted to work at Subway, instead).

FedEx claims UPS snuck the language into the bill, which has alread passed the house. That sounds likely, considering how the unions are dominating the government’s takeover of GM and the forced bankruptcy and sale of Chrysler. Too bad Ford isn’t making it’s own commercials attacking the government’s plan (but of course, Ford stands to gain, so maybe the automaker should thank Obama & Co.).

Here’s a spoof FedEx made of the UPS “whiteboard” commercials:

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